Why Networking Is Good For Your Online Business

Working on your own, building your online business, whether at home or anywhere else with your lap top and internet connection, can be rewarding and may be you are one of those that are making it big already. But continuing to isolate yourself while being successful, or if you are just starting in internet marketing and do not consider networking with other internet marketers, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. And that point alone will interest you to know why networking is good for your online business.

You may ask, what is networking? or why should you network with others? And who knows how many other questions about networking pass you mind. That is fine, because this way will make you receptive to the idea of networking. Outside the internet, myriads of examples of business activity show the power of interacting with other business, this connection of people and ideas make businesses more powerful, more profitable and produce better services all around.

Life itself is about being constantly in the company of others so it makes perfect sense in online business, to be connected, to interact with other marketers, to exchange ideas and examples, to help others or seek help from others. All this is far better and more beneficial to you than doing everything alone, isolated in front of your PC or laptop.

Oh! You may think that you are already tired of working with others on your day job and that now it is your chance to do something entirely by yourself. That is fine, nothing wrong with that, but remember that in the end, your results will suffer as a consequence of that attitude.

There are many benefits from networking with other marketers online. From the point of scaling your business rapidly, you can not go wrong with seeking joint ventures with others, in your line of business, in your niche. These interactions with your new partners will escalate your results. Your ideas and theirs can complement each other giving your online business a boost in sales, far greater than you would get by working alone.

What is the best way of networking? Well, there so many out there; your start could be in finding the forums that cover your areas of interest. Go in them, be selective, contribute to the posts that are relevant to your niche, and give ideas, examples, offer incentives, help, good will before you approach anyone for joint ventures, or for networking about some project or product.

Another way of networking is to go to live events about Internet Marketing, and interact with other fellow online marketers and exchange ideas; this will present you with opportunities about the projects you are interested in. Perhaps you get to know about certain publications you are interested in, or meet people that are working in your niche with whom you can discuss ideas or offer some skills they do not have or may be the other way around. Either way it is an excellent moment to begin relationships that will benefit your business in the long run.

From live events you also get to know different marketing giants, people you did not know about, who can help boost your online business to a greater level, from whom you may even seek mentoring for a while to scale your marketing skills further, and thus making you a more effective online marketer. These events are the opportunity to many doors being open for you to expand your business, at the same time as allowing you to never get the feeling of doing this thing alone. You are, during those events, in the company of like minded people, marketers you like to talk to, because they say the same things you think about, share the same dreams etc. it is like being with a new family almost. And who knows, many of them, in the end, will be your new friends too.

Get as much as you can from the seminars you go to for networking in marketing. You can get a huge amount of information about speakers at the event, products, programs, skill levels, ideas and so on. If you find it hard to go to the great presentations where big businesses are taking part, or very famous marketers attend and present, go at least to local ones for the same reasons, to primarily interact, get to know your fellow marketers, network with others actively working in your niche.

And of course, be active always in promoting your sites at those events, and in the forums. But take a lot of care how you promote yourself in the forums; remember that other users don’t look likely to being sold anything, instead use common sense, be subtle and offer a lot of value before you just leave your site’s URL address.

Are you as well branding your name? If you are not, then again you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Many new marketers do not consider that and it is a mistake. There is a lot to be gain by branding your name, starting with the premise that most people like to do business with those they know and trust, so don’t underestimate this fact.

So stop working alone, it is much more fun and profitable working with other marketers that think and act like you, that complement you. It is so much fun helping them as well and learning from them too, remind them frequently of who you are, that is why networking is good for your online business.

German Calvo

Business Vision and Business Planning for the Professional Tutor

Everything in tutoring starts with a vision. What will be the vision for your tutoring service is the ultimate question you need to ask yourself. You need to take some time and some deep thought in considering this question because everything you do in tutoring will revolve around it. For example, the vision for a tutoring service might be the following:

1) “My tutoring service will solely tutor preparatory school students in the ACT and SAT using our own customized ACT and SAT packages”, OR

2) “My tutoring service will solely tutor students for the Law School Admission Test.”

Whatever it is, the vision for your tutoring service needs to be focused and concise. Why? Because all the marketing you’ll do, the tutors you’ll hire, your business planning, etc. needs to reinforce your vision.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when discovering your vision:

*What age children/adults am I most comfortable in working with?

*Is there a particular niche that I would like to occupy or do I want to run a full-range tutoring business?

*What kind of tutoring service could I run that would be of most value to those in my community?

By all means, take your time in discovering the vision for your tutoring service. Create multiple visions for your service and see which vision appeals to you the most-write them all down. When you have decided upon the right vision, stick to it.

A strongly conceived vision for your tutoring service is the essential segway into formulating your annual business plan. Why do we have a business plan? Why bother? Business plans give us a foundation for both growing our tutoring service and for keeping us accountable to our financial goals, projections, and expenses. If we didn’t have something on paper that kept us accountable, then we would be jumping hither and thither at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs neither take the time to conceive a vision for their business nor formulate a well-calculated business plan-this is exactly why 99% of new businesses fail in the first year. These well-intentioned entrepreneurs have nothing on paper to keep them grounded nor accountable; hence, their businesses don’t succeed.

Here are the most common expenses for an upstart tutoring service: your salary, office supplies, business phone, marketing, postage, and credit card machine.

I hope this has been a helpful article on business vision and business planning for the professional tutor. Good luck!

Customer Feedback: Do You Use It To Grow Your Online Home Business?

Customer feedback is a key aspect in your online home business. By definition, it is simply the response you get from your customers or website visitors about your work, products and services. It can be either positive or negative. In this article, I would like to share with you on how you can receive your customer feedback and use it to grow your online home business.

But before going any further, do you get any customer feedback? One fact to note is that there are various ways of receiving feedback on your online home business that may include among others recommendations, surveys, testimonials, comments, questions asked, customers’ behavior and information about your best or worst selling product or service. How do you get your customer feedback?

Take it from me that the feedback you get from your customers and/or website visitors is a key ingredient to the growth of your business. You should keep yourself aware of what your customers say about your business. It does not only help you to discover how to influence them and to attract more customers but it also helps you to get knowledge on how much others value the products or services you offer and to boost up your own confidence. Additionally, it enables you to develop a good feeling and to become proud of your business. Even where you are not doing well, it enables you to know what you are lacking and how to work on your business to make it more attractive to your customers.

Getting customer feedback is one of the key aspects you should pay attention to in the course of doing your business. It’s therefore a good practice to put in place a system that enables you to collect information and to evaluate it regularly. One of the ways I use to gather information is by perusing through all the comments made on my articles posted on my websites as well as other websites. I find comments helpful in that they give me hints and useful information, which I many times use to develop and to make my online business more attractive to the people.

For instance, when I had just started blogging, I received plentiful comments about how I wasn’t making any money yet my content was good and how my site was not ranking high in the search engine. I received many business offers from mostly SEO gurus and some of them went ahead to analyze my site in various aspects free of charge. This feedback that came in form of comments opened my eyes in various ways. I was able to know how to work on my blog to make it visible by optimizing my pages at no cost. This in turn helped me to improve greatly in those aspects. You, too, can use your customer feedback to improve in your weak areas.

How do you handle the customer feedback you get through comments? One thing I have always taken important is that I respond to the comments posted on my blog. Of course you do not have to reply to all of them. But you should give a response to the ones you find genuine. This enables you to keep a close relationship with your audience or customers and to add value to your website as well.

The above example is on customer feedback that I had not played an active role in receiving it. But you can also engage your customers to give information by asking them. When asking them, you need to guide them through the kind of questions you ask so that you can get the right information.

As you look for feedback about your online business, you need to focus your mind on what people buy or want to buy, what their expectations are, what is of importance to them in terms of your service delivery and what frustrates them. With that background knowledge, you can thereafter ask them questions that will attract the right information. The onus is on you to learn how to ask the questions that will bring out the right customer feedback.

As I conclude, I would like to remind you that having knowledge of what your customers value about your business is useful for you to create your marketing messages in your marketing campaigns, your brand, your list of attractive benefits, your website and many other marketing messages.